A Warm Winter’s Walk

A Warm Winters Walk


This weekend was unseasonably warm, so along with my sidekick, Kenneth Iilio, author of   http://mychicagophotowalks.com/ we went on a photo walk behind the Planetarium, heading south towards Northerly Island.  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northerly_Island) Even though it was in the upper 40’s we encountered patches of ice along the break walls, predominantly in the shaded areas…a reminder to return again after the next time wind and freezing temperatures return!

After leaving the concrete break walls we headed along the small secluded beach whereupon we found a small grove of trees and shrubbery decorated with Ice. From there we moved across the park to photograph the ladies in Daphne Garden. These three sculptures of ladies with wings for arms and plants for hair were initially placed in Grant Park, they now reside in the spot where  Meigs Field airport was, they now survey the city from solitude, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. As always our walks seem to encounter a pleasant tangent from the norm, true to form we found a team of Huskies on show…along with some humans to keep them in line.

Walking back into town through the now empty Burnham harbour afforded some cool reflection of the skyline, so I finally got to use the tripod I’d been lugging around and snapped a couple of Pano’s and a long exposure shot. Then back over behind Shed Aquarium where I caught a Greater Merganser with a Perch in his beak…Bonus shot of the day!


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