Just another Chicago evening.

A chilly Fall Evening stroll along the Riverwalk, Michigan Ave and finally ended at the lakefront for the Halloween Fireworks Display.


When you only have one eye deer. A close up of a huge deer statue

at the beginning of the trailhead at lake street and Upper Wacker.


                                                    The Wrigley Building and New Apple Store.


                                                                 Light trails on Upper Wacker.


                                                      Light trails under Wells street bridge.


                                              The historic Reid-Murdoch Building


    One of the Marina Towers from the new Steps on the south bank of the Riverwalk


These stainless steel awnings protect river walkers as they pass the under the various bridges, day or night they provide a myriad of photo ops.




                                                                                Pizza on the move.


                                                                               Love the smiles



                    Look of amazement at the interactive AT&T holographic “Justice League” window display.                                                                                                                                                                                    


    More participants at AT&T’s  interactive holographic “Justice League” window display


                                                    Staying connected.


                                                    Hidden Message here.


            Ran into “The Suicide squad” Halloween squad coming off a booze cruise…great bunch of people.





We rounded off the night at the lakefront to catch the final firework for the year!

Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoyed the shots and please leave a comment… Cheers!

One thought

    1. Were missing you also!! we must have a get together once you’re back and settled, I will be way unfortunately for the next D&C so another evening walk will need to be arranged!

  1. A great series of evening shots Mark, I struggle with night time focusing fireworks & moving objects in general .. all of which you seem to be so proficient at.

    1. Thanks again! it’s a tricky subject, that need to get more proficient at…I’d say my keeper rate is under 10% The fireworks are shot on a tripod set up, either with a certain amount of seconds timer or on Bulb setting with a cable release…fairly high F stop for sharpness F8 or couple stops higher, then the trick is between bursts, cover the lens (carefully so not to touch camera set up) with a card or I use my wallet or in a pinch my hand, then uncover during next burst. This will allow you to capture multiple bursts in one frame…pretty cool

  2. Cracking pictures Mr M.
    Especially liked the final firework pic & the Marina Yowers. Got the hidden meaning pic. 🙂

    1. Cheers Mate! It is such a great city, especially at night…good eye on the traffic light 😉 thanks for leaving a comment here…I need to get the ball rolling on this web page here so I can start to sell stuff….hopefully.

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