Hello World!

So its up and running…Well kinda!

I’m sure it will be a slow process to get this the way I want it, especially as I don’t really know what I’m doing, which is the story of my life really. That being said, the end goal here is to hopefully get better and become interesting enough to sell my photographs.

Those that know me know how I love to explore – whether it be travelling afar to new destinations, in the forest behind the house whilst walking the dog or just wandering around Chicago – well you get the idea – basically anywhere, it is usually with a camera, taking photos and meeting new people.

I recently joined the Chicago chapter of an international meetup group called “Drink and Click.”  In this chapter is a group of photographers (many of them professionals) who meet up monthly to shoot in various locations in and around Chicago. The shoots are dictated by different monthly themes.  It is a very friendly and fun bunch of like-minded characters. I have gone on a few photo walks outside of the group with Ken, one of the members, and along with photography tips and sharing a vast local knowledge of the area, he has also helped me with setting up of this site. I would like to thank and dedicate this first post to Kenneth Yerro Ilio and add that some of the shots were taken whilst we were walking and some are from the group walks. Please feel free to check out his work from the links below.





Taken from Navy Pier Chicago
A couple takes a walk after the rain stops along the Riverwalk in Chicago.







Soggy Bottom


Chicago shot from the 18th St bridge in Chinatown Chicago.


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  1. I so love reading this!! It really makes my heart happy to bring people together and also to watch those people blossom, grow and move forward with something they are passionate about!

    If you need help along the way let me know!

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